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A college degree is an integral component to success in the ever-changing and growing medical field. While many positions don’t require a degree there is often very little room for advancement in such a situation. A bachelors of science in nursing, or BSN, allows those pursuing the nursing career to move forward in the field and pursue greater opportunities that nursing can afford.

A BSN is typically the stage a registered nurse takes when they want to move up in the medical field. While registered nurses can still accomplish a lot and are in high demand in hospitals it takes a BSN to get fully involved in medicine as a nurse, especially in Alabama. By state law a nurse in Alabama must have a BSN to perform critical care such as ER or OR work, mental health, case management and more. Registered nurses can still find work in Alabama hospitals but much of the patient-centered jobs are left to those with a BSN. Fortunately there are many BSN programs in Alabama that can help nurses get that necessary degree.

BSN programs in Alabama are offered both through traditional universities and online. No matter which method is chosen the programs must be accredited by several governing bodies as well as approved by the Alabama State Board of Nursing. According to recent studies a dozen such programs are offered at university campuses in Alabama. Furthermore special programs designed to get registered nurses their BSNs are available online.

Most of Alabama’s major universities offer a BSN program through their respective schools of medicine, including Auburn University, The University of Alabama and the University of South Alabama. Several smaller colleges also offer programs for registered nurses to earn their BSN. In the case of Auburn University the BSN program is offered at the school’s Montgomery campus rather than its primary campus. All of these on-campus programs are relatively similar in terms of coursework and requirements. They are four-year degree programs that end with the taking of the nurse licensure exam which must be passed to work as a nurse.

Online options for a BSN in Alabama are limited only to those who are already registered nurses. These programs allow RNs the flexibility to continue nursing work while studying to earn their BSN. It is full-time schooling but condensed such that it can be completed in one or two years with classes and coursework done online. Students can set their schedule and prior RN work is usually credited toward the required coursework. It is the best option for RNs with a busy life trying to get to the next step in their careers and in Alabama there are a number of available accredited options.

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