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There are many choices when it comes to bachelor degrees, and nursing is always a great choice when looking at possible healthcare fields as it affords many different avenues to pursue. A registered nurse can work in a clinic, hospital, or in a home health care setting. An individual with a general nurse science degree can work in policy or healthcare coordination roles. There are many job options and a multitude of ways that a nursing degree recipient can enjoy giving back to their community while earning a great living at the same time.

Pre-requisite coursework may vary depending upon the university or program applying for. Using one major university in Alaska as an example, 34 credit hours in classes such as biology, chemistry, oral communications, physiology, sociology, psychology and philosophy should be completed before applying for the program. There are additional support classes that may be required as well such as statistics and bio-medical ethics. Most universities also require a minimum GPA of a 2.70 or higher for admission into the program. Nursing is a career heavily dependent upon listening, interpreting, empathizing, understanding, and communicating technical as well as everyday terms and ideas in a variety of formats within a multicultural societal setting. These ideas and situations need to be easily understandable between the patients and doctors as well as the nurses so that all can provide and receive the best medical care possible.

General names for coursework you may find in a nursing degree program include nursing technology, history of nursing, pathophysiology, pharmacology, therapeutics, health disruptions, complex care, and nursing management. A total of 126 credits is required at one university for graduation, and 42 of these must be upper division courses. For many programs there are specific time frames when classes are offered and should be completed. Many won’t usually allow gaps in completing the degree as the healthcare field is constantly changing, and a long break in between coursework would render a student out of touch with current trends, innovations, and regulations if jumping in and out of a program along an erratic timeline. One particular university requires the four trimester clinical sequence to be completed in eight trimesters, or one to two years.

The anticipated need for nurses in the future will only grow according to many job trend prediction websites, so it’s an excellent choice for those interested in the field.

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