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Arizona is a top state for a Bachelor’s degree of science in Nursing. They offer an undergraduate program which can usually be completed in as quick as 16 to 24 months. In the first two years, you receive basic education and complete requirements. During the third and fourth year,students take nursing classes and complete the program. Before entering the undergraduate program, each student must pass the required pre-requisites. The pre-requisites to enter include having a high school diploma, having a strong background in science and math, earning a minimum of a b minus in each previous course and meeting the admission requirements in Arizona.

There are many different paths in nursing to take after completing the undergraduate program. These include a certificate in Geriatric Nursing, nurse education, nurse educator, Child and family mental health nurse, Doctor of nursing practice, and a Ph.D. in Nursing. With an undergraduate degree in Arizona, you can go down the path of Geriatric nursing, which is working with and understanding the effects of aging. Nurse education is for those who want to someday teach about nursing. The nurse educator pathway allows you to choose a certain small field such as pediatrics, family health and more. A child and family mental health nurse followup degree is offered online in Arizona for those who like to work with families and mental issues. A doctor of nursing practice is for those who want to change or improve the way healthcare is being provided to patients. Finally, a Ph.D in nursing is harder to receive but is for those who want to pursue a career in education, health policy or research. All of these options are available to students after completing a bachelors degree in Arizona.

When participating in a BSN program in Arizona, you get to work under the guidance of nursing professionals, learn through online material or in class, and move to more advanced fields. Arizona BSN programs are designed to help students achieve their goals and dreams of becoming a nurse. The various programs and classes, available both online and in class, will give students the right education to go into the nursing field.

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    List of CCNE Accredited BSN
    Programs in Arizona

    Complete list of Arizona colleges and universities that offer CCNE accredited BSN programs:

    Arizona State University
    7001 E Williams Field Rd
    Phoenix, AZ
    (480) 727-3278
    BSN Degree
    MSN Degree

    Chamberlain College of Nursing
    2149 W Dunlap Ave
    Phoenix, AZ
    (602) 331-2720
    BSN Degree
    MSN Degree

    Grand Canyon University
    1150 W Grove Pkwy
    Phoenix, AZ
    (480) 270-3500
    BSN Degree
    MSN Degree

    Northern Arizona University
    8470 N Overfield Rd
    Flagstaff, AZ
    (520) 421-1394
    BSN Degree
    MSN Degree

    University of Arizona, The
    Tucson, AZ
    BSN Degree
    MSN Degree
    DNP Degree

    University of Phoenix
    2975 W Linda Ln
    Phoenix, AZ
    (480) 557-2000
    BSN Degree
    MSN Degree

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    Arizona Board of Nursing

    4747 North 7th Street, #200
    Phoenix, AZ 85014
    Phone: 602-771-7800

    Accredited Online BSN Programs

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    Kaplan University Online
    Grand Canyon University
    Walden University Online

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