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Most schools in Arkansas do not require many pre requisites for entering into a BSN program. Although having a transcript full of courses taken in multiple sciences and mathematics wouldn’t hurt when applying to elite nursing programs. These courses reveal not only your interest in sciences but also your chances at completing the BSN degree if accepted by the faculty of the program.

Nursing schools in Arkansas also look at other factors before admitting students into the program, like GPA from the first four semesters, resume, and ability to meet performance standards including such things as critical thinking, interpersonal skills, communication, motor skills, and capable of perform any physical functions.

Some colleges and universities have per-nursing programs that enroll students into the nursing program after completing fours semesters of study and completing coursework such as Human Anatomy, Microbiology, Pr-Calculus, Statistics, Human Physiology, Nutrition, and English. After being accepted into the program the student then is eligible to enroll in courses that are solely nurse degree related

Coursework to Complete a BSN Degree

The coursework required to complete a BSN in Arkansas is extensive and takes four years in total to complete. It is a combination of classroom instruction and lab work that includes constant examination throughout. Students will take numerous foundation classes in nursing and health assessment skills. they will be required to take clinical pharmacology, maternal and newborn health, pathophysiology, psychiatric mental health, public health, nursing fro adults, information and research, and nursing for children and adolescents.

Online BSN v. Classroom Instruction

An online Bachelors of Nursing degree in Arkansas is only available for students who are already a registered nurse. Online degrees are meant to give RNs more skills in managing and leading other nurses. An online degree is typically great for someone who is seeking a degree that will not interfere completely with their work and personal life. These types of degrees lack the personal classroom instruction that a college campus provides provides but gives the student complete control of their education at a lesser cost.

RN Job Outlook in Arkansas

Healthcare careers in Arkansas are expected to remain at a steady growth rate in the upcoming years with more and more positions becoming available for educated, trained, and skilled registered nurses. Therefore the salary outlook shall remain quite generous and grow at a fair pace. Currently the median salary for an RN is approximately $65,000 a year. Multiple marketing reports and compensation websites report the same average numbers. The opportunity for higher income is always available for nurses since they are in a position to move anywhere in the United States and throughout the world. Hundreds of hospitals and private care facilities in Arkansas need quality RNs on staff.

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