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When choosing to enter the medical field, earning a Colorado BSN degree will give you the education you need to move up in the profession. Making sure the program is accredited by the Colorado Board of Nursing is essential. Usually the programs take four years to complete and many are highly competitive. Make sure you understand the requirements and then collect the information you need to complete an application.

Pre Requisites

When applying to the nursing program, you will need to take all of the required general education courses and earn grades of C or above. Since the program is very competitive, they are looking for the best students. If you are applying right out of high school, completing the first two years of general education is required. If you are planning to upgrade an LPN to a RN, you will need to take the Nursing Major required courses.


Once the general education requirements are met, you will begin the coursework for the Colorado BSN degree. Some classes include physiology, psychology, chemistry and anatomy. You will also receive training in:

* Fundamentals of Nursing
* Pharmacology
* Medical and Surgical Process
* Mental Health
* Pediatrics
* Leadership
* Business of Healthcare

These are just a few of the basic courses that will need to be completed as part of a BSN degree curriculum.

Degree Completion

Most BSN programs take four years to complete. If you are working on a RN to BSN you should be able to complete the program in 12-18 months. There are accelerated programs available in Colorado which require continuous course work without breaks. Once you have completed all of the course work you will also need to pass the (NCLEX-RN) or National Council Licensure Examination.

Online Learning

There are many BSN courses that can be taken online, but part of the degree program includes hands on internships which will need to be completed in clinics. Taking the basic courses online could make it easier to earn the degree while continuing to work.

Job Opportunities

Registered nurses should see an increase of twenty-two percent in job opportunities from now until 2018 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nursing managers will be able to draw the largest income, although emergency room nurses, nurse case managers and registered nurses will also make a decent living wage.

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