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Some nursing reports have stated that a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN) is important if nurses want to progress in their career. Not only does it prepare nurses for leading roles, it also allows them to take up more job responsibilities that come with supervisory and management positions. The Nursing Board in Connecticut is committed to helping nurses in advancing with higher degrees, and some hospitals even offer help with the costs of obtaining the BSN degree.

There are several universities in Connecticut that offer the BSN program. Fairfield University offers the program and has also partnered with some community colleges for students to be able to apply the credits received towards the BSN program. Southern Connecticut State University also offers both online and on-campus programs. University of Hartford has even made BSN more attainable by offering flexible schedules that allow working nurses to take it on part-time basis.

Prerequisites to the BSN Program:
The BSN program is geared towards building on already acquired registered nursing knowledge; therefore students must have prior academic knowledge, and preferably in additional working nurse experience. So anyone interested in taking the BSN degree must have an Associate degree or basic nursing diploma before they can be admitted into the program.

Coursework and Length of the BSN Program:
The length of time for completion of the BSN program varies depending whether it’s taken on full time or part basis, but it typically takes four years to complete when taken full time.

The curriculum involves the study of science, nursing and liberal arts. Some of the subjects taught include anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, and chemical biology, and a minimum of 126 credits is required to graduate.

Online Learning Versus On-Campus Learning:
The BSN program can be taken online but the student must be disciplined and focused because of the distractions that come with self-study courses. On-campus learning should be considered if the student has available time and there are no budget constraints. Either form of study comes with its advantages and disadvantages, so the choices must be weighed.

Employment Opportunities:
While most registered nurses might not see the necessity of the BSN degree, nurses who receive the degree have a better standing when it comes to job opportunities. The degree offers a broad educational knowledge that can be used outside the nursing field. Also BSN degree holders stand a better chance than RNs when it comes to getting hired or being promoted on the job.

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