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The medical profession always needs qualified individuals. Although there over two million people currently working in the nursing field, there is still a shortage. If you happen to live in Hawaii or are planning on moving there and want to become a nurse there are several paths to take. One of the more common pathways is the Bachelor’s degree of Science in Nursing.

A BSN degree can provide individuals with many benefits that are not readily available to those who pursue lesser degrees, such as: a higher salary, expanded job and advancement opportunities. There are a number of universities and colleges both traditional and online that offer BSN degrees in Hawaii. All are four-programs but it is primarily up to you to decide which would be best suited for your individual needs. Perhaps the single more important deciding factor when choosing an institution is its accreditation. This can have a critical impact on your ability to sit for testing and how future employers will view you.

When applying to a program, you do not need to have a formal background in nursing. Although it may help with some of your coursework. The many different institutions that are state-approved BSN programs have differing admissions criteria, so it is important to learn what those are before you apply. Generally, most programs require a high school diploma or equivalency and certain aptitude testing such as the SAT as a minimum requirement. This is to determine if individuals have the aptitude for this profession and to be able to successfully complete the require coursework.

Hawaii BSN Curriculum

Schools that are accredited by the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs can, for the most part, develop their own curriculum. At a minimum, however, a state-approved program must base its offerings around this framework:

– Classroom component which includes theory and research

– A clinical training element that is supervised by a nurse educator

The classroom component, which is primarily academic, there are several courses that students can choose from. Some of the more common areas of study are Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, Pharmacology, General nursing practice, Nutritional issues, Maternity care and pediatrics. The clinical portion of the BSN program is more hands on. Students will get the opportunity to practice the skills they have learned in the classroom in a supervised medical setting.

After successful completion of a BSN program Hawaii, in order to become a registered nurse, individuals must successfully pass the national licensing examination for registered nursing, also known as the NCLEX-RN.

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