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Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees are more widespread than they were four years ago. Nurses with associate degrees pursuing the BSN degree are finding accessibility to the accolade is within their reach through accelerated online programs, which range anywhere from 12 to 24 months, and approved transfer credits. A BSN will allow nurses to keep up with the complexity of the health care industry as it continues progressing in patient presentations and technology. The degree also covers specialization. For example, several courses are specific to clinical nurse leadership.

Higher learning institutions, including those in Idaho, are “bridging” RNs with associate degrees to the BSN with offers of flexible online scheduling, transfer of credits through an accredited curriculum module and career possibilities. Idaho is a state in need of nurses at the master’s level and the BSN is a step toward advanced practice and nurse-educator careers, and according to the Idaho Department of Labor, the earnings of nurses with BSNs were double that of the state’s average salary five years ago. In addition, Idaho is a member of the 24-state Nurse Licensure Compact. Nurses with an Idaho license can work in any one of the 24 states under the multi-state license agreement.

By far, online learning is the most popular method for obtaining the degree, however, both on campus and online programs warn studying for the BSN is intense, clinical time is demanding and full time employment is not recommended. One Idaho nursing school gives students the option of taking a self-quiz to determine if online learning will work for them. Another Idaho institution credits the self-motivation and drive of the students for success in the program. A testimonial from a former student on its website praised the online program because it wasn’t stressful and saved time.

Idaho nursing schools require a number of prerequisites for acceptance into a BSN program. Some of this pre-coursework isn’t related to the nursing field. Prerequisites vary because the educational background of students pursuing the BSN is diverse. There are students who hold a bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field and they are required to take basic nursing courses compared to an RN bridging to the BSN. While prerequisites are tailored to an applicant’s educational background, one school of nursing takes the admission process a bit further by scheduling a personal interview, one of three criteria for admission specific to that school. The BSN programs in Idaho admit students two to three times per year and several schools have a waiting list.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs in Idaho are stringent, but a high percentage of graduates pass the licensure exam required in Idaho upon completion of the BSN degree.

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