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Nursing is an area of the medical field that can prove to be both satisfying and rewarding. If you consider yourself a driven individual with a compassionate heart for caring for others, being a nurse may be the ideal career choice for you. One of the many Indiana BSN programs can get you started on a path to providing personal health care to those who need it.

Being a nurse can provide you with a great deal of flexibility in addition to the satisfaction of helping others. And, because there is always a need for well qualified health care providers, you will also enjoy financial stability with a readily available positions and a steady paycheck.

Indiana BSN programs train individuals to provide care for people of all ages by preparing them to serve in leadership and management positions. By the end of the program, students are ready and equipped to go on to pursue a master’s of Science in a higher education nursing program.

In Indiana, a basic nursing certification can be earned in as little 12 months if a student takes full course loads every semester. Part-time study takes a bit longer, 18 to 24 months. Semesters are typically divided into two learning modules in order to complete 4 courses each semester. These include practicum, lectures, and clinical experiences. Online students enjoy the convenience of working from home and having full 24-hour access to course information on the Internet.

The total number of credits required to successfully complete a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing is 124. All credits and courses must be completed within six years of beginning. Students are required to maintain a “C” average or GPA of 2.0. This may varies from school to school. In addition to course work, nursing students are also required to complete a residency that tests an individual’s practical knowledge of everything they have learned.

Most Indiana BSN programs now have distance education so that certification can be completed online. This provides a great deal of convenience and flexibility for those with family and job responsibilities. These programs give the same standard and quality of training as those on university campuses.

Indiana BSN programs offer individuals the chance to earn a degree that will enable them to have a fulfilling career for as long as they desire. With the right level of commitment, you can earn BSN certification a get started on a job to provide quality health care to patients who are hurting.

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