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Are you leaving high school soon, and trying to decide what to do with your life? Or maybe you are already working in a field, that just doesn’t excite you anymore. Have you considered the health care industry? Offering many different careers, health care is the largest employment field in the United States. The future has tremendous growth expectations.

Let’s focus our attention to the area that has a promising outlook for future job stability and growth, nursing. Nurses comprise of the largest number of health care professionals. Most nurses, by nature, are caring and sympathetic, since their major duty is to care for the sick, injured, disable, and convalescent patients.

All nurses must be educated and trained to qualify to work in this profession. A registered nurse (RN) represents the most common group of these health care workers. One of the pathways to becoming a registered nurse in Iowa is by completing a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree (BSN). Several colleges and universities offer these 4-year programs, which are governed by the Iowa Board of Nursing. Their function is to provide public safety by regulating the nursing practice. The programs are similar throughout the state, including liberal arts and science courses, which are requirements for most bachelor degrees. By the third year, specific nursing lessons and clinical experience is studied by the potential RN. Once you have successfully completed the BSN program, one of the final steps is to pass the National Council Licensure Examination, or NCLEX-RN. This national computer-based test awards the individual an RN license, which is required to practice as a registered nurse.

Due to the high cost of a post high school education, the traditional 4-year degree program may not be suitable for your situation. You may consider a lesser, but equally rewarding option, becoming a licensed practical or vocational nurse. This entry level position can be obtained in about half the time, and is available through institutions, such as a junior or technical college. An LPN/LVN, usually works under the supervision of an RN, is a viable path to a BSN.

Another method, which could be both cost and time saving, is an online program. These self-paced courses can be arranged to fit your schedule. However, you must still complete the more technical courses in a classroom setting, at an accredited school. Iowa, only offers a limited number of approved online programs. Take the time to research which BSN works for you.

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