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If someone is seeking to obtain a Bachelor’s degree of science in Nursing, there are a few pre-requisites that must be met in order to gain entrance into a qualified degree program. Once the student gains entrance into the program, the education will consist of an additional 23-33 hours of nursing coursework. This coursework will look more extensively into things you’ve already learned while becoming an LPN or RN, but it will also introduce you to many new aspects of nursing such as upper division level coursework.

It typically takes 4 years to earn a BSN degree in Kentucky, however, registered nurses who enter into a RN to BSN program may complete the degree requirements in 12-14 months, depending on the program they enter and the previous credits they received.

Students have the choice of taking these classes online if they already have their degree as a Registered Nurse. Those who are only registered as a LPN are required to take in their classes in a accredited institution. Once a student who is certified as an LPN enough coursework, they may be eligible to complete the rest of their degree online, depending on the institution they are enrolled in.

Once a student graduates from a BSN program and completes their certification testing, there should hopefully be a number of job opportunities available. Nurses with a Bachelor’s degree in Science may work in a hospital setting, private clinic, doctors office or any other medical setting. A national survey stated that students with a BSN degree are more likely to secure employment upon graduation than any other type of nursing degree.

The salary for a graduate with a BSN degree in Kentucky depends on a few different factors such as location. However, the general starting salary in Kentucky is $40,000 per year for a registered nurse. This amount will increase depending on the level of skill the nurse has, experience and the length of time they have been working for their employer.

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