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In the state of Michigan there are three ways to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing. The three categories are the Traditional BSN, the Accelerated Second Degree BSN and the BSN for Registered Nurses. A student seeking a BSN will determine which program they will apply for based on the work they have completed so far.

The Traditional BSN is for undergraduates working towards their first degree. It is a full-time, four semester program. The student is required to have accumulated a grade point average of a 2.75 or higher and has received a grade of 2.0 or higher in each of his or her science pre-requisite courses. The student must have completed a minimum of 56 credit hours, which must include certain pre-requisites in the science and non-science fields. The science courses include General Chemistry, Anatomy, Introduction to Philosophy, Organic Chemistry, Microbiology, and Pathology. The non-science courses required are Introduction to Psychology, Ecology of Human Development, Statistics, Nutrition, and Writing.

The Accelerated Second Degree BSN is intended for the student who already has acquired a bachelor degree or higher in a different field. This program is also full-time, however, the degree is completed in fourteen months rather than two years. The G.P.A. of the student must be a 2.75 or higher and the grade for each science course completed must be a 2.0 or higher as well. The student seeking this degree must have an Anatomy and a Physiology course completed before applying. The pre-requisite science courses are the same as the Traditional BSN requirements with the exception of Organic Chemistry. The non-science class requirements are identical to the Traditional BSN degree requirements.

The BSN for Registered Nurses is designed for students who have already acquired an associate’s degree or diploma in Nursing and hold an unrestricted RN license. This is a part-time class schedule and is five semesters long. This program is primarily web-based, but includes clinical practice in community health and internships at sites convenient to students. The G.P.A. and grade requirements are the same as those mentioned above. This degree requires both university and College of Nursing pre-requisites. The university courses include Writing Rhetoric, Intermediate Algebra, Social Science, and Humanities. The College of Nursing classes include General Chemistry, Chemistry Lab, Anatomy, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Physiology, Ecology of Human Development, Microbiology and Statistics.

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