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Now is the time to be in the healthcare industry, one of the rare fields that is expanding in a lagging economy. In order to ensure job mobility and security, making the decision to pursue a BSN is a wise choice for Mississippi nurses. For any registered nurse or student interested in nursing, the door to many opportunities can be opened by obtaining a higher degree and becoming more qualified. There are numerous reasons that BSNs are in demand including an increasing population of elderly people as Americans live longer and the replacement of older professionals in the field by younger BSN educated nurses.

In the state of Mississippi BSN courses include ethical frameworks, knowledge about problem solving, anatomy and physiology, foundations of nursing, general studies, communicating effectively and use of modern technology. After completing a BSN degree program the individual will be better prepared for the job market, have more options available to them and can request more aggressive pay raises.

There are many options for students in Mississippi who wish to enroll in a BSN program. They can go to a university or college for those who prefer the presence of an instructor and personal interaction with the instructor and fellow students. Program length varies according to the college and if a student is able to attend through summer sessions. Generally, a BSN program takes 4 years to complete. Online universities are gaining in popularity mainly because of convenience. Many students going for a BSN are already working full time and cannot afford to lose income while earning their degree. Finding time to squeeze in courses can be difficult, but with online classes there is a great deal of flexibility and students can complete their coursework during their free time. Busy schedules, family life and other obligations can still be a top priority with the ability to set aside any free time for completion of online classes.

BSNs will have a much better chance of writing their ticket for what they will do next. When push comes to shove, employers will most likely choose the BSN over a less educated RN. The public will have peace of mind knowing such highly trained individuals care for them and the nursing professional can take pride in their background and training. A BSN program in Mississippi can lead to a brighter future within the nursing field and outside as well.

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