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Perhaps it is the fact that Nebraska is facing a shortage of an estimated 5580 registered nurses by the year 2020 that is causing an increase in RN graduates. The nursing population has increased 93 per cent during the last ten years in an attempt to meet the demand. Enrollment in BSN programs throughout Nebraska has reached record highs. In the year 2009 there were 1,508 new RN grads; 1,108 of these achieved a BSN degree or higher.

Nebraska is fortunate to have a number of local schools that offer BSN programs. Although most of these are located in the larger cities, there are some located in smaller areas such as in Crete and Fremont. The other schools that offer BSN programs are located in either Lincoln or Omaha.

Most of the nursing programs have similar requirements for admission. The basic requirements include graduation from high school or a GED. BSN candidates must also show evidence of math competency. Prior to admission into the nursing program most students must earn a 2.5 GPA in all non-nursing courses. The schools generally require at least two letters of reference. These can be written by high school teachers, employers, college faculty, and so forth. Before admission the student must provide immunization information as well as verification of current Basic Life Support (BLS), and cardiopulmonary (CPR) certification for health professionals. A background check is conducted as well as a disclosure statement.

Most students needs to complete a variety of biology courses as well as nutrition, math, statistics, and elective classes. Students are also encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities offering leadership roles, research, volunteer work, and other programs that will help them become more well-rounded.

A traditional BSN program requires the student to complete a minimum of 128 credit hours of coursework. Sixty six of the credit hours must be in the core of nursing classes as well as in clinical rotations. Students are also required to focus on a specialized area such as mental health nursing or pediatric nursing. Some of the schools offer an accelerated program to complete the required coursework faster. These programs allow clinical work to be completed during the evenings and on weekends for added convenience.

Between online BSN programs and traditional colleges and universities, Nebraska has a number of schools of higher education to prepare students for a future in nursing.

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