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If you are planning on a nursing career in Nevada, then you will need to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program that is approved by the state, as well as apply for the proper nursing licenses or other certifications for the area you will be working in.

What programs are approved in Nevada?

The Nevada Board of Nursing has approved at least 13 state programs for becoming a registered nurse. Some of the classes required include prerequisites such as psychology, math, and microbiology during your pre-nursing college classes. While usually a student must complete a program that is actually in Nevada, the Board has a school in Arizona and one in Utah that are on its approved list.

What is required for a BSN in Nevada?

Even though a Bachelor of Science degree is a four-year program, there are ways to complete the program in less time in some cases. For instance, if someone is already a licensed practical nurse or LPN, there are approved LPN to RN routes that can be followed. Some credits may also be given for things like CLEP or AP or DANTES tests in select required subjects. There are also online classes that allow students to work at their own pace in some of the required classes.

Outlook for Nursing Jobs in Nevada

Nursing programs available in Nevada have been averaging more and more graduates every year, but it is still not keeping up with current demands for skilled nurses. Nevada is predicted to have a good outlook for nursing jobs in the future, according to a report done in 2010 by the Nevada School of Medicine.

Nurses are especially needed in rural areas in the state, and at the time of the report, Nevada was 49th out of 50 states for having enough nurses. This means that Nevada BSN graduates should have a good chance of being hired in nursing jobs throughout the state.

The outlook for salary in Nevada for nurses is expected to be between $21 and $35 an hour, depending on where the job is located, according to estimates by several Nevada medical facilities. Some hospitals in the area are even offering incentives such as helping to pay part of their college tuition if they agree to take a job at their facilities.

The bottom line is that nurses are in high demand in Nevada and if you are looking to get your BSN and work in the state, then you need to complete an approved state program, get licensed and apply for these nursing positions.

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