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While being an RN is an excellent job in North Carolina, many are interested in becoming a BSN, joining the ranks of the best-educated nurses, gaining a competitive edge and having more job mobility as a result. With a BSN, nurses can work in a variety of settings including hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes and home health care. In a strained economy, nursing is one of the few fields that continues to grow and have a strong demand. Choosing to become a BSN means more job security.

In order to become a BSN, individuals must already be currently licensed as RNs. They must have an overall grade point average of 2.0 with a minimum of a C in any of the prerequisite courses for nursing. The RN to BSN program is generally 30 credits but could vary depending on the program. There are many colleges in North Carolina and the surrounding areas that offer solid programs and nurses can reach their goal in as little as a year when attending full-time. If there is a need for more time, some colleges give the option of completing the course in as much as 5 semesters. It really is up to the individual. There are many opportunities to become a BSN through online courses. One of the many advantages to taking classes online is the fact that a person can choose the time and place to work on studies. Taking classes over the internet offers flexibility as students are able to take their courses at their convenience while juggling work, family and any other obligations.

Courses include foundations of nursing, anatomy and physiology, general education, nursing science, nursing related science and nursing theory and practice. Students are provided with a solid core of knowledge that enhances their performance in the field.

Once the RN to BSN program has been completed, the doors of opportunity will begin to open. There is the potential for sign on bonuses offered to individuals with a BSN as employers offer incentives to get the most qualified nurses. Due to the growing elderly population throughout the country there is a need for more BSN-level nurses. In addition, as hospitals are forced to make cuts due to budget issues, they are relying on registered nurses to take on many of the responsibilities that may have been taken care of by higher and lower level staff in the past.

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    List of CCNE Accredited BSN
    Programs in North Carolina

    Complete list of North Carolina colleges and universities that offer CCNE accredited BSN programs:

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