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A Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree requires four years in an accredited college or university. The general coursework for this degree are the science, codes and informatics of nursing. This prepares a Bachelor of Science Nursing Degree graduate for leadership and research as opposed to bedside care. After either graduating with a two-year Associate’s Degree (ADN) or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree (BSN), one must pass the licensure examinations to become a registered nurse.

Aside from the general nationwide nursing requirements, a BSN graduate must also be privy to specific requirements in each state. Here are the BSN requirements for those wanting to practice in the state of Oklahoma:


The coursework for a BSN degree in Oklahoma is similar to requirements in other states. One takes general courses during the freshman year of a BSN degree. The sophomore years signals the start of core nursing coursework.

In the sophomore year, one will learn basic health assessment and clinical nursing skills. This knowledge is integrated with nursing sciences such as physiology, pharmacology and pathophysiology. In the junior year, hands-on experience is integrated with the coursework with inclusion of laboratory simulations and clinical experiences. Besides general health care, a BSN student is required 12 hours per week of clinical practice. Some of these clinical practices require adult care, family care and child care.

Senior year is the culmination of all knowledge gained from the previous years. There is also an integration of specialized courses such as psychiatric mental health care and community care for vulnerable populations. There is also an emphasis in informatics and leadership. The amount of required clinical practice per week is increased to 16 to 24 hours. A BSN degree requires 61 hours of nursing-related coursework.

Nursing Requirements

In Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Board of Nursing is in charge of applicable state fees. For initial applications the board charges a total of approximately $600. These fees are for the licensure examination, endorsement fee, education equivalence, examination review and temporary license fee. In order to become a registered nurse in this state, one must graduate from an accredited four year institution, pass the licensure exams and pay these fees.

Job Prospects

In Oklahoma a first-time graduate who has passed the licensure exam can earn between $40,000 to $45,000 per year. With more experience, an average registered nurse’s salary is $66,000. The need for health care professionals in the state is expected to increase until 2016. For registered nurses there is a 10 percent growth in the industry.

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