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The trend in health care employers’ hiring practices is leaning strongly towards acquiring registered nurses who hold their bachelor’s degree of science in nursing. Although there are other forms of entry into becoming a registered nurse, this is becoming the preferred method across the board.

In the state of Oregon, a person has multiple options if they are looking to find a BSN program. While there are schools located throughout Oregon, many are concentrated in the more populated areas such as the city of Portland. Online programs are also readily available through a handful of accredited universities serving Oregon students.

An average student in a BSN program can expect to pay slightly under ten thousand dollars a year for tuition. This adds up to approximately thirty five thousand dollars over the course of the entire BSN degree program. It is important to note that this cost does not include the basic necessities of life, such as rent, food, utilities, and any sort of recreational activities or un-expected expenses.

Even with all the living expenses included, the cost of attending a BSN program could be considered an excellent investment due to the increased earnings potential one will carry for the rest of their working lifetime. In Oregon the average nurse with a BSN degree will earn between $50,000 and $90,000 a year. The average salary for a nurse with a BSN is just above $70,000 annually. Compensation is partially dependent on the location where a person chooses to work. If they are employed by a private practice in a large city, their compensation would likely fall in the top end of the bracket. If they choose to work for a smaller office, or perhaps a rural hospital, then their salary could be on the lower end of the spectrum.

When a person has a BSN in Oregon they are well equipped for a promising career in nursing or elsewhere. Nursing jobs offer versatility in terms of your everyday work duties and responsibilities because many nurses are able to concentrate their practice into one of many different specialty fields such as pediatrics, obstetrics, cardiac care, ambulatory care, triage and more.

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