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Many RNs may be debating making the move to get their BSN degree in Rhode Island. Now is definitely the time to be progressive and obtain a higher education. In any field, if a more advanced degree is an option, increasing one’s qualifications can mean more job mobility, better pay, and more opportunities. In an uncertain economy, the health field is thriving. There is an increased demand for nurses and especially those that have higher degrees such as BSNs. People are living longer which means more elderly that need care. In addition, because of the financial difficulties many hospitals are facing, registered nurses are stepping in to fill the gaps when other positions are being cut. Choosing to have a BSN is a wise decision with the potential for a bright future.

Most programs will require that they had a 2.0 grade point average prior to entering an RN program. They must have been successful on their prerequisite nursing courses with an average of at least 2.0 as well. There are many possible options for obtaining a BSN degree in Rhode Island. For those who prefer to go to a physical location and thrive with the instruction of an instructor in person, there are many colleges and universities in Rhode Island and surrounding states. The program could be completed in as little as a year or could take longer, depending on the needs of the student and the allowances of the college program. There has been an explosion of online course offerings which many RNs will choose simply because of convenience. When most RNs are currently working, they need to find a program that can work around their busy schedules. For anyone who has family, work and many other obligations, an online BSN course means taking classes at a time that works and at a pace that is feasible as well. Courses include a curriculum that consists of general studies, anatomy, physiology, foundations in nursing and other specific areas of content.

The opportunities are many for BSNs both in the public and private sectors of the economy. Nurses are in demand in nursing homes, hospitals, clinics and private practices. Nursing homes and home care, such as hospice, are other areas of great need where BSN-level nurses can be put to work immediately with the potential for sign-on bonuses and other inviting perks.

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