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In a tumultous economy in which job growth is slow and costs are rising daily, people need to choose career paths that are not only rewarding, but will also give them an advantage in a competitive job market.

The healthcare industry is one of the few that is still growing in a down economy. Doctors and nurses are usually in demand. Vermont BSN programs will fully prepare those who are just beginning their pursuit of a higher education as well as RNs who wish to advance through a Bachelor’s degree program. Choosing a bachelor’s of science in nursing will provide nurses with a competitive edge over other applicants since many employers strongly prefer BSN educated nursing candidates. In addition, due to downsizing in hospitals and the growth of the elderly population in America, the demand for more registered nurses continues to grow.

There are many opportunities for students to complete a BSN degree in Vermont. Colleges and universities provide programs that generally take four years and work well for the individual who learns best in a physical location that is in the presence of other students and the instructor.

Online courses are now in high demand for numerous reasons. For one, they tend to cost less. In addition, they offer flexible scheduling and that is coveted by most people who are currently working as a registered nurse. For students who are working and have family obligations, online courses can fit around the schedule of the student nurse. Courses could take four years or longer depending on if one goes full-time or not. It is also possible to condense a Vermont BSN program online, or on campus, by taking classes offered in the summer sessions and winter sessions (if possible).

Course work for Vermont BSN programs provides nursing students with the skills necessary to work in the field. Thinking skills and problem solving are promoted. In addiiton, anatomy and physiology are a must. Many programs will offer concentrations in particular areas such as mental health, pediatrics and gerontology. With labs and internships for hands on experience, graduates will be fully prepared.

Once in the field, Vermont nurses can find positions in the private sector as well as the public sector. Hospitals, nursing homes and health clinics require nurses as well as home care positions. Nursing can be quite rewarding and Vermont BSN programs equip the individual to navigate the job market. Nurses often receive sign-on bonuses, decent salaries, and can move to a variety of specialty areas.

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