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The healthcare industry is thriving in a strained economy. The people of America are living longer, increasing the need for care as they age. Budgets are getting tight in hospitals and clinics across the country resulting in cuts in many positions that are being filled by nurses. For students who are considering their options, Virginia BSN programs can be an excellent choice with many universities to attend. A Bachelor’s degree in nursing can open the door to a bright future for anyone who is interested in taking care of others and helping sick people to become well. Becoming a nurse is a valuable service that is necessary as well as rewarding.

There are many different ways to pursue nursing in Virginia with at least 50 schools that have BSN programs. From nursing schools to colleges and universities, individuals can pick their location. Online courses are extremely popular now as well. The cost is lower and flexibility makes it very convenient to make an education work around one’s schedule. For the individual who has to work and has a family, online classes make a BSN degree possible at a pace that is tailored to the student’s needs.

While RNs who are already licensed in nursing can pursue a BSN degree, other programs are designed for students just starting college level work. Prerequisites vary depending on the admission requirements of each college. Generally, there will be a request for references and many programs have expectations of at least a 2.0 grade point average while others expect a 3.0. Courses include anatomy, physiology, gerontology, mental health, adult health, pediatric health, fundamentals of nursing as well as instruction about using the latest in technology in the medical field. Regardless of the program, the BSN curriculum provides individuals with a strong foundation in nursing skills to enter the job market with preparation and confidence.

A BSN degree awards the nurse a competitive edge by having a higher level of education. There is the opportunity to make a higher salary and have more options when it comes to job placement. BSN-level nurses work in a variety of settings which include the public and private sectors. Hospitals, clinics and nursing homes are always in search of nurses, often offering sign-on bonuses that are quite considerable as a bonus. Private clinics are also in need of nurses and those who have their BSN degree will be most likely to land jobs over less educated RNs.

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