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Nurses are some of the most amazing people in the world. They provide high levels of care for a variety of patients under their supervision, while also assisting doctors and working under intense pressure. Nursing can be a stressful career path and requires a strong dedication to the profession. Some nurses are deciding to stand out from the crowd in their field by completing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in Washington.

There are several reasons to consider taking the BSN route to becoming a registered nurse. One reason is to separate yourself from the many other applicants who will be seeking the same RN employment opportunities. Health care employers usually strongly prefer to hire nurses who have their bachelor’s degree as it demonstrates a greater level of investment made by the individual into their career training. It also indicates a stronger educational background and knowledge base in the field.

For those who want to begin their career as a registered nurse but also wants to keep additional career options open the BSN degree can provide such versatility. This is a four year college degree and can be used for fields outside of nursing. This degree can also be used to rise above the ranks of typical RNs and enter into management positions, teaching roles and nursing specialty fields.

Once a person has decided to actually go forward with a BSN program, they have to decide whether they want to take online classes or enroll in a campus-based program. Online classes are a great way to learn for certain individuals who do not require a lot of personal interaction or for those who currently work and have busy schedules. Distance learning can be very convenient for people with family obligations, social obligations or other scheduling demands. If a person chooses to go to a traditional university they can benefit from in-person instruction, classroom learning and a group of peers.

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing can create many opportunities for a person who is dedicated to working as a registered nurse. The degree will take time and effort to complete but can provide a solid educational background for a career in nursing or a variety of other fields.

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