Labor & delivery nurses are trained to provide care for pregnant women during the final stages of pregnancy, labor and delivery. The labor & delivery nurse is responsible for monitoring the pregnant womans heart rate, fetal heart rate, time between contractions, womans blood pressure and vital signs. During the final stages of pregnancy, labor & delivery nurses educate the patient on what to expect during labor and childbirth. They assist the woman during labor by teaching them breathing exercises and help them push properly to deliver the baby. The labor & delivery nurse is in charge of administering the synthetic hormone Pitocin if necessary to induce labor. Every pregnancy is different and might call for various procedures such as cesarian sections, episiotimies and epidurals for pain management. The labor and delivery nurse typically provides assistance to the physician during these medical procedures. Once the baby is born the labor & delivery nurse will teach the mother how to breast feed the baby and ensure that both the mother and child are in good health after the birth.

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