What Determines an LPN Salary?

– job title and employer

– economy and job market

– status of health care industry

– years of experience as an LPN

– professional achievements

– city and state where you work

Where Does Washington LPN Salary Data Come From?

Salary data is gathered from current LPN job openings in Washington. Each job listing with a stated salary amount is included in the research to come up with an accurate average annual salary.

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Average LPN Salary in Washington

National average nurse salary data
gathered from current nursing job listings

Compare LPN salaries in different cities throughout Washington. See which Washington cities offer the highest average LPN salary. See how much other LPNs with similar qualifications are getting paid.

If you are an LPN in Washington seeking career advancement opportunities there are many options to consider. If you wish to remain an LPN but want more variety in your everyday work duties you can apply for LPN positions in different types of facilities or in different specialty fields.

LPNs who specialize in certain nursing specialty fields such as hospice care, urology or urgent care usually earn much higher salaries. These nursing specialties can also offer experience in a highly specialized field which can help strengthen your resume.

If you want to earn significantly more money and change your position but remain in the nursing profession you might want to consider becoming a Registered Nurse. There are several LPN to RN programs in Washington that provide the educational requirements for an LPN to become an RN. These programs can be completed in two years or less.

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Chamberlain Nursing Programs
Chamberlain College of Nursing

Chamberlain College of Nursing has an intense focus on preparing students for the real life situations they will face while working as a nurse. Their variety of nursing programs is impressive and they have a long-standing reputation for providing quality education.

Kaplan University Nursing Programs
Kaplan University Online

The Kaplan University School of Nursing offers a variety of online nursing programs where you can earn your degree from the comfort of your own home. Kaplan University has an MSN program, BSN program and several nursing certificate programs.

Walden University Nursing Programs
Walden University Online

Earn your nursing degree at Walden University Online School of Nursing. Their program offerings include Doctorate level, Master's level, Bachelor's degrees, nursing certificate programs and individual nurse education courses.

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