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Transitioning your career from an LPN to an RN is an excellent career choice. Many students begin a medical career as an LPN because the program does not take long to complete and you can begin working and earning money. When you are ready to upgrade your skills and earning potential, you can look into LPN to RN programs in Georgia.

If you are currently working full time as an LPN, you may not be available to take classes on a traditional campus. There are many great programs offered online in the state of Georgia. This will give you the convenience to complete classes while continuing to work full-time. Many of the pre-requisite courses for the RN program will have already been completed through your LPN classes. You may even be able to get credit for work experience. If you have enjoyed taking classes online in the past – this may be an excellent choice for completing your RN program.

Although an LPN program does not give you a degree, an RN program will give you professional status. In addition to the LPN classes, when upgrading your skills to an RN, you will take more advanced courses. This might include Anatomy and Physiology, Clinicals, Life Span courses and additional mental health classwork. Often, this transition from an LPN to a RN in Georgia, can be completed in as little as a year, if you go full-time, or eighteen months to two years, if you are taking classes as a part-time student.

There are many benefits when you transition from a LPN to an RN. As an LPN you were given direction by a Registered nurse, once you become an RN, you will be the one giving directions. Many people feel this is a logical choice as they work in the medical field. RN’s have more interaction and control over patient care and can provide more advanced care. Although the most obvious benefit to moving from an LPN to an RN is the salary. You will increase your earning potential while continuing to work in a career you love.

Completing an LPN to RN program in Georgia will give you a sense of accomplishment. Whether you choose to take classes online or on a traditional campus, you can find exactly what you need in Georgia. Completing the course work will help you prepare to take the NCLEX-RN exam and place you among ranks of other professional nurses in the state. Take the first step today and begin working toward your goals.

LPN to RN Programs in Georgia

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Georgia LPN to RN Schools

Find LPN to RN online programs that offer flexible scheduling and variable completion dates. Browse our list of nursing schools in Georgia that offer CCNE accredited LPN to RN programs:

Armstrong Atlantic State University LPN to RN

11935 Abercorn Street
Savannah, GA 31419
(912) 344-2576

Georgia Southern University LPN to RN

305 Fahm Street
Savannah, GA 31415
(912) 651-2005

Piedmont College LPN to RN

165 Central Ave
Demorest, GA 30535
(800) 277-7020

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