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The state of Nevada is currently facing an extreme shortage of nurses. The rapid growth of Las Vegas has created many job prospects, which are not being filled accordingly. It creates the perfect opportunity for educational advancement within the field as the state is now offering several different venues in order to attract more applicants. The transition from LPN to RN is much easier than in previous years. The need for qualified nurses is recognized nationwide, but especially in Nevada as the interest within the nursing industry has been steadily declining. Although the demand is high, more professional opportunities exist for RNs then LPNs.

When choosing the educational agenda in Nevada, several different programs are available. Aspiring LPNs may want to consider becoming certified for certain specialty care before entering any transitional program leading to RN degree. This intermediary period provides an additional experience and knowledge before starting the rigorous curriculums of RN programs. An associate and baccalaureate degrees are available for all LPNs in Nevada.

One of the LPN to RN programs to consider consists of advance placement. This type of program allows the LPN to assess the beginner’s courses such as anatomy. The participants are able to obtain an Associate of Applied Science degree. The admission is extremely limited as the program has gained vast popularity amongst the applicants. The course is accredited by National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.

LPNs may also enter the BSN program. Local residents are given the preference over the out-of-state students. The curriculum can be completed in four semesters. The RN to BSN programs are offered online and do not require full-time participation. The courses can be taken part-time at the discretion of the student. The online courses are preferred by participants living in the rural areas of Nevada, who cannot attend daily classes at the university. However, the online classes are only provided at the selected rural hospitals or laboratory sites. The classes are typically scheduled during the evenings and weekends to accommodate the traveling demands of the students. The clinical component of the study can also be completed at the same locations. Most popular settings include Carson City and Reno as well as smaller facilities throughout the state.

Many institutions in Nevada offer grant and loan programs to meet the growing need for nursing professionals. Scholarships are also presented as an option to qualified applicants. The credits are transferable at selected institutions only. Upon graduating with RN degree, the job market can be explored for opportunities within the public or private sector of healthcare industry.

LPN to RN Programs in Nevada

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    Nevada LPN to RN Schools

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