If you are currently a licensed registered nurse considering a Bachelors degree of science in nursing but cannot afford the cost of the BSN program there is financial aid available. Earning your BSN degree will open more doors to new career positions such as management roles in a hospital setting. Nurses who hold a Bachelors degree also typically earn 10% higher salaries than nurses without a BSN degree.

Financial aid comes in a few different forms: scholarships and grants, student loans and work study programs. Some students choose to utilize a combination of the above options to create a complete financial aid package.

Scholarships are financial rewards given to students based on their merits, qualifications and achievements. Nursing scholarships are awarded by various organizations such as sororities, professional organizations, non-profit organizations, alumni associations and colleges and universities. Scholarships are worth pursuing and can cover anywhere from a couple thousand dollars to the entire tuition cost.

Federal Grants are financial awards issued by the government to students based on financial need. The most common grant is the Federal Pell Grant which does not have to be repaid, unlike student loans. All you have to do to apply is fill out a free FAFSA application online. The main benefit of receiving a grant is that it doesnt add to your personal or student debt load.

Student loans are also available to qualified students seeking financial assistance to earn their BSN degree. Nursing student loans are available through the government and private sources. Stafford loans account for many of the student loans that are available to nursing students entering a BSN program. Federal or state government issues loans are usually better than private loans because they offer flexible terms and lower interest rates.

Some nursing students may choose to work while earning their BSN degree to off-set some of the costs of the program. Finding student employment and incorporating that income into your financial aid package can help students qualify for better loan programs. Leaving nursing school with less student loan debt is also a benefit of choosing a work-study program.