An ophthalmic nurse provides care for patients suffering from disorders of the eye. Working under the direct supervision of a licensed ophthalmologist, the ophthalmic nurse works to diagnose and treat various diseases that affect the human eye such as cataracts, partial or full blindness, eye trauma and glaucoma. Ophthalmic nurses provide pre-operative care and prepare patients to undergo eye surgery. They are responsible for gathering patients medical histories and performing pre-op assessments to develop a better understanding of the patients health profile prior to surgery. Being aware of a patients allergies and medical conditions helps ensure a smooth surgical procedure without any surprises that the doctor and nurse arent prepared for. Before the surgery takes place the ophthalmic nurse will provide the patient with some basic education about the procedure itself and the post-operative expectations. During the eye surgery the ophthalmic nurse will assist the surgeon by maintaining a sterile surgical environment, preparing the patient in the correct position, handing the surgeon various surgical instruments and monitoring the patients vital signs.

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