A transplant nurse provides nursing care to patients undergoing an organ transplant. These nurses are very involved in the transplant process and are responsible for preparing the patient before the operation, assisting the physician during the transplant and caring for the patient after wards. Transplant nurses also work with the organ donors by educating them about the transplant process and answering any questions they might have about the procedure. Living organ donors are crucial to the success of finding a transplant match for patients who are in desperate need of an organ, tissue, kidney or parts from a liver. Patients that are in need of an essential organ such as a heart or lung must rely on finding an organ from a deceased person. To help prepare for the procedure the transplant nurse will review the patients medical history, check their current health, confirm an organ match by analyzing lab test results and educate the patient about the upcoming procedure. Transplant nurses play an active role in the actual procedure by assisting the physician in performing the transplant surgery. After the operation is complete the transplant nurse will check the patients vital signs, monitor their heart rate, check for possible organ rejection by the patients body, administer medicine to reduce pain and inform the patient of the results of the transplant operation.

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