The Certified Nursing Assistant is more commonly known as a CNA. Since CNAs are not licensed RNs they usually work under the direct supervision of an RN. The responsibilities of a CNA are similar to those of a registered nurse. Daily tasks and duties of a Certified Nursing Assistant working in a general hospital include changing and dressing wounds, sterilization of medical equipment, waste disposal, laundry service, helping patients use the bathroom, delivering meals, inserting IV tubes to administer fluids, assisting patients with basic hygiene. CNAs are also required to keep a written log to document the patients condition throughout their shift. This log should include all medications taken, specific dosages and times of medication. The CNA is responsible for serving all of the patients personal needs and acting as a liaison between the patient and the RN and physician on duty. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is a quicker process than becoming a licensed registered nurse. A qualified CNA can find employment in a hospital, private doctors office, home health care setting or a residential care facility.

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