List of CCNE accredited Masters in Nursing programs in every state

Complete your MSN degree in 18-24 months

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Find local MSN programs from accredited colleges and universities and earn your Masters degree in nursing

Overview of MSN Nursing Programs

For people who have their Bachelor’s degree in Nursing there are MSN programs available that can advance your education within 18-24 months. If you are starting with less than a Bachelor’s level of education you might be required to complete prerequisite coursework to gain entry into an MSN program. The primary benefit of earning an MSN degree is being able to work in various nursing specialty fields that pay higher salaries and offer greater degrees of professional development in one particular area of interest. Many MSN degree recipients continue to become nurse practitioners in pediatrics, oncology or psychiatry. Master’s level nurse practitioners are only one step below a physician in the professional world of medicine. MSN programs are ideal for people currently working as nurses who wish to further develop their career in nursing.