Neonatal nurses specialize in caring for premature and critically ill newborns. The role of a neonatal nurse is to provide immediate medical attention to help save these babies lives. Some methods typically used by neonatal nurses are devices that provide breathing assistance to the newborn and IV feeding lines. The neonatal nurses goal is to bring the baby up to health by increasing body weight and stabilizing any conditions that are out of the ordinary. Neonatal nurses create a medical plan for monitoring and improving the baby’s condition and then put the plan into action under the supervision of a physician. Once the at-risk newborn has been stabilized the neonatal nurse will educate the mother on how to care for the baby after leaving the hospital. Neonatal nurses also provide more typical nursing services such as administering medicine, comforting newborn babies, teaching mothers how to breastfeed and updating medical records. Neonatal nurses must be able to work under intense conditions and maintain a clear frame of mind to best serve their patients.

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