A registered nurse is the most general term for a licensed registered nurse and describes several specialty nurses as well as general practice nurses. Regardless of the area that they specialize in, all registered nurses are trained to perform the same basic set of duties. The typical duties of a registered nurse include monitoring vital signs, checking blood pressure, cleaning and dressing wounds, assisting physicians, updating medical records, administering medicine, pain management, educating patients about their health conditions, helping patients recover, performing medical exams and screening tests. Many registered nurses choose to specialize in one specific area of nursing such as anesthesia, intensive care, dermatology, obstetrics and many more. Registered nurses who specialize in a particular area will learn additional information specific to their practice and take on additional responsibilities within their field. All registered nurses will strive to provide the best health care possible, encourage people to employ preventive methods to reduce the risk of disease, treat illnesses and help patients with recovery from injuries, illnesses and disabilities.

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