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About Forensic Nurse Training and Education

The forensic nursing specialty field is open to qualified individuals who have completed an approved forensic nurse training program and earned the proper certificate or license for their state of residence. Working in forensics can be exciting but also requires great attention to detail. Forensic evidence is used in many court cases as well as in the field of medicine and patient health.

Once someone has been trained to become a forensic nurse they can apply for forensic nursing jobs at hospitals, research facilities and other private medical organizations. The work performed by a forensic nurse might be supervised by a more tenured forensics professional to ensure the highest quality of work is performed at all times. Forensics is a field within nursing that offers strong employment opportunities and continues to grow as forensics become more widely used in our healthcare community and in the criminal justice system.

The average amount of time it takes to complete a forensic nursing program depends on the qualifications that the student has prior to enrolling, the type of program they select (part-time, full-time, online, etc), and the type of degree awarded upon completion. Most state’s require programs to include a training period of anywhere from 3-18 months.