Independent nurse contractors work on a contractual basis, whereas most registered nurses are employed by a health care provider. Independent nurse contractors have the same qualifications and perform the same duties as a typical staff nurse. One common type of independent nurse contractor is a travel nurse who visits different hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, private doctors offices and skilled care facilities to provide care to different patients. Travel nurse and other independent nurse contractors help fill the demand for nurses by providing their services on a contract-basis. It can take a hospital weeks or even months to interview and hire a new registered nurse, but nurse contractors can be brought in on short-notice and paid on a pier-diem basis. Independent nurse contractors can find employment on their own, or they can engage the services of an agency to match them with job openings. Independent nurse contractors before the full spectrum of nursing cervices such as diagnosing and treatment illnesses, performing medical tests, analyzing test results, educating patients and their families about their particular health condition and treatment options.

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