Missionary nurses provide both spiritual and physical treatments to help people in need of health care services. Missionary nurses are able to perform all the regular duties of a licensed registered nurse such as treating wounds, administering medicine, monitoring heart rate and blood pressure. In addition to these more typical nursing duties, missionary nurses provide healing to people from other cultures by sharing their faith with them. Missionary nurses typically perform their duties outside of the U.S. in hopes of spreading their faith to other countries and extending their healing powers throughout the world. Missionary nurses also focus their attention to third world countries that have high levels of human suffering. The missionary nurses work towards improving the physical and spiritual health of those in impoverished countries by teaching them new treatment methods and educating them on preventive measures to help control the spread of disease. Missionary nurses set out to provide health care services to those most in need and often times missionary nurses receive funding from churches and non-profit organizations to complete their work.

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