Nurse researchers attempt to improve health care services and provide better patient outcomes by conducting medical research. A nurse researcher is a scientist that creates and conducts scientific experiments aimed at improving our knowledge of human health. Nurse researchers start by identifying a question or hypothesis they want answered. Then they design an experiment aimed at uncovering data that can be used to answer the original hypothesis. After they collect their data they conduct an analysis and draw a conclusion based on their findings. Their work is usually published in a nursing journal, medical journal or health care publication. The purpose of a nurse researchers work is to find ways to improve health care by identifying new treatments and determining the most effective treatment methods. Their work can also be used to improve quality of life for patients with terminal illnesses, cure disease and illness, prevent injury and illness, control the spread of disease and develop vaccinations. Nurse researchers often receive private funding or public grants to complete their research. Their work is detailed and requires patience as scientific data must be collected and analyzed properly to ensure accuracy. The reward for being a nurse researcher comes from the medical breakthroughs that take place as a result of carefully planned and executed scientific research.

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