Pain management nurses provide treatment for patients who are suffering from acute or chronic pain. The pain management nurse is responsible for monitoring the patients pain and providing treatments to help relieve the pain as much as possible. In many cases the nurse can obtain information directly from the patient about what kind of pain they are experiencing. By talking to the patient and by measuring the patients physiological signs the pain management nurse can determine the source of the pain. Once the pain management nurse figures out whether the source of the pain is muscular, visceral, skeletal or neurological they can then determine the most effective treatment methods. Pain management nurses work in conjunction with other health care professionals such as doctors, nurses and various specialists to determine the best treatment plan for each individual patient. Once the plan is created the pain management nurse will implement the care plan and begin to monitor any possible side effects that the medications and treatments might have on the patient. Pain management nurses also teach patients pain management techniques, educate them about pain medications and provide alternative pain relief methods.

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