The traditional school nurse is a registered nurse that works in a school and provides basic care to children who suffer an injury or illness during school hours. Most common occurrences are headaches, scrapes and bruises, stomach aches, nausea and vomiting. Since school environments place hundreds of children in very close quarters they are prime breeding grounds for disease and spread of illness throughout the student population. The school nurse will work towards preventing illness and controlling the spread of disease by educating the children and their parents on important preventive methods such as covering their mouth when they cough, not coming to school when sick and not sharing food and drinks. Many colleges and universities also employ a school nurse to treat students who fall ill during class or suffer an injury while on campus. School nurses focus on providing quick treatment to many different patients and then sending them home to the care of a parent or primary care physician for further treatment. If a student suffers a serious injury or appears to be very ill the school nurse might decide to send the student to the nearest hospital. School nurses are equipped to handle most basic injuries and illness by providing basic care, administering medicine, cleaning and dressing wounds and giving first aid. The school nurse might also be in charge of administering basic health tests such as vision tests, hearing tests and routine check-ups.

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