Surgical nurses provide health care to patients before, during and after surgical procedures. Surgical nurses work in collaboration with a team of medical professionals which usually consists of a surgeon, anesthesiologist, staff nurse and nurse specialists. This medical team performs surgical procedures by working together to cover all of the patients needs before, during and after their surgery. The surgical nurse is responsible for preparing the patient for surgery by giving them an overview of the procedure and answering any questions they might have beforehand. They also review the patients medical history and check their current health to make sure they are healthy and stable enough to undergo surgery. After prepping the patient the surgical nurse prepares the surgery room by sterilizing the environment and gathering the necessary instruments. During the operation itself the surgical nurse will maintain the sterile environment, monitor the patients vital signs and assist the surgeon as requested. Surgical nurses also provide post-operative care to assist the patient with their recovery. This includes administering medicine to reduce pain, cleaning and dressing wounds, checking patient to ensure proper recovery signs, and providing the patient with home care instructions to complete a full recovery. Consider Lewis University online to further advance your nursing career.

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