Wound care nurses provide treatment to patients who are suffering from a severe wound. The patients wound can come from a recent injury, illness or disease. The role of the wound care nurse is specifically to monitor and care for the wound to help the patient heal as quickly as possible. The first step is for the wound care nurse to thoroughly clean and analyze the wound. They can then develop a treatment plan and start the healing process. During the treatment of the wound they will continually monitor the wound for signs of infection. If the wound becomes infected or its condition worsens the wound care nurse might recommend surgery to correct the wound. Many wounds develop as a result of other health and medical conditions, such as bedsores from lengthy hospital stays and open wounds from recent surgical procedures. Many wound care nurses work in nursing homes and assisted living facilities and care for patients with chronic bedsores, as well as provide preventive advice to reduce the prevalence of bedsores. A wound care nurse can also be employed in a large hospital, home health care, rehabilitation center or long-term care facility.

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