The nursing websites listed in this article include five of the most official nursing industry sites that provide useful information for registered nurses. These sites can help nurses obtain information from other nurses and health care professionals. Some sites also provide nurse social networks and nursing career information. This collection of sites can serve as a handbook for new RNs entering the nursing profession and seeking guidance and industry-specific resources.

1. Board of Registered Nursing this official CA government site provides tons of helpful resources for nurses. This regulatory agency oversees all California registered nurses and provides information on how to become a licensed registered nurse in the state of California. All of the necessary forms to apply for nursing license can be downloaded directly from their website.
2. Bureau of Labor Statistics Updated data and statistics can be found for registered nurse salary information, employment outlook and future job growth predictions. The U.S. government also gives a registered nurse job description that helps define and outline the duties and responsibilities of nurses. This site includes a breakdown of where nurses are employed (i.e. hospitals, nursing homes, home care, etc.)
3. ultimate free online resource guide for everything to do with nursing. Join nursing student associations, read about continuing education requirement for registered nurses, get tips on how to interview for nursing jobs. Many benefits to be gained by joining this online nursing community.
4. If you are thinking of becoming a registered nurse and starting a career as a health care provider this site can give a broad overview of what to expect. They have detailed nurse job description, describe typical working conditions and explain the necessary preparation required to become a licensed nurse.
5. RN Central Find different types of nursing programs and accredited schools near you. This site features a comprehensive list of nursing programs for those looking to become a registered nurse, people seeking to go from a BSN to MSN, registered nurses who want to earn their BSN. No matter where you are in your education and career there are programs available for you to advance.