Job security. The nursing profession is one that offers job security to those who are properly qualified. Nurses are in high demand and will continue to be for years to come due to the fact that baby boomers are reaching retirement age and people are living longer than they used to.

Job flexibility. There are numerous types of facilities that employ nurses. Nurses can be found working in community health clinics, correctional facilities, academic institutions, hospitals and private doctors offices. Employment can also be found with insurance companies and government agencies. Flexibility can also be seen in regards to being able to work full time or part time.

Opportunity. There are many job opportunities within the nursing field due to the wide variety of nursing specialties. A small sampling of specialties includes critical care, hospice care, pediatrics, neonatal care and cardiac care. Aside from the various specialties, one also has the option of working as a traveling nurse.

Personal satisfaction. As a nurse, one is sure to experience great personal fulfillment. Satisfaction and pride can often result from helping others. It is important to be there for a grieving family, a scared child or someone having bypass surgery. A nurse earns respect because of his/her ongoing desire to help patients, administer comfort and continuing to be there for patients and their families on a day-to-day basis. Compassion, ability to handle stress, a pleasant personality and communication are essential skills needed to become a successful nurse.

Challenges. The nursing profession is never boring. It is a challenging field because change is inevitable. There are always new patients with new illnesses while current patients may experience a change in their medical conditions, medications or doctors. The science of medicine and practice of nursing is constantly evolving.

Compensation. As far as wages and salary are concerned, nursing proves to be an excellent occupation and is projected to get even better. With the increasing demand for nurses, many facilities are offering increased salaries and benefits to attract and retain qualified registered nurses.

Education. Another benefit of the nursing profession is that nursing school can be finished rather quickly. LPN programs can be completed within one year, while the RN Associates degree can be completed within 2 years. The BSN Bachelors degree program is offered at colleges and universities and is completed within 4 years. This is the recommended program as it can lead to advanced opportunities and increased income.