Nursing is a profession that requires a strong science background. The reason to incorporate science in nursing is because the study of the anatomy and physiology of the human body is an inherently scientific one. Thousands of chemical reactions occur every second in everyday biological processes, so the study of such scientific subjects as chemistry and biology are paramount to understanding the field of nursing.

Science in Nursing

Learning to Become a Nurse:

Since nursing is a medical field, science in nursing will provide the fledgling nursing student with an adequate background for her to be a highly qualified candidate for the job. Nursing schools and colleges instruct nurses in the scientific method and also incorporate nursing research into the curriculum. The scientifc method is used in the study of scientific principles and theories. The scientific method is not that new a methodology in the science field, but using it has helped make significant advances in all branches of science. Science in nursing is essential to the study and training in fields such as microbiology and biochemistry. Nurses have to study many of the same scientific courses as pre-med students and med school pupils. Nursing research relies on advanced testing procedures and modalities to get accurate, correlated results in various scientific experiments and procedures. Nurses in training must become intimately familiar with both the fundamental principles of nursing research and the scientific method.

The Human Body Is All About Science:

To most effectively study about, diagnose and treat the human body, nurses need to understand the multitude of scientific processes that occur in an individual. When a patient is sick, qualified nurses have grown proficient in understanding the exact type of diseases that are occurring inside them. When the body is being invaded by germs, bacteria, viruses, infections and inflammation, a nurse needs to fully understand the scientific principles behind these patient manifestations. Without a sound background in science, a nurse could never become qualified enough to treat patients. Nursing is centered on medicine and medicine is revolves around science. Science is not an easy, or short term subject to learn about. That’s one reason why nursing training requires many years of intensive, rigorous study and preparation.