What is an LPN?

A licensed practical nurse, also referred to as a vocational nurse or LPN is a trained health care provider that cares for patients who are sick, injured or convalescent. An LPN can find work in a variety of settings including hospitals, care homes and private doctor’s offices. Licensed practical nurses can easily advance their nursing careers by completing an LPN to RN bridge program to become a Registered Nurse.

How Long Do LPN Programs Take?

The amount of time required to finish an LPN program depends on the educational institution where you complete your coursework. Accredited colleges, universities and training schools are given some degree of freedom to make their own determinations as to what it takes (course work, classroom hours, exam proficiency, etc) to provide students with a proper practical nursing education. It will also depend on whether the program you choose is full-time, part-time or accelerated. The general time frame for completing the LPN educational training course requirements is about one year.

After Completing LPN Education Requirements What Are The Next Steps To Become a Certified LPN?

Once you successfully complete a qualified LPN training program you will become eligible to take the NCLEX-PN exam. Check with your local State Board of Nursing to find out more about the NCLEX-PN exam in your state including exam test dates and locations. After passing the NCLEX-PN exam you will become a fully certified licensed practical nurse in your state.