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The current U.S economy is characterized by high rates of unemployment and continuous job cuts. This was triggered by the economic meltdown that resulted from the global financial crisis of 2009. With limited chances of unemployment, many people with minimum education are stuck in jobs they do not like in a bid to earn some income. However, individuals stuck in this vicious employment cycle should not despair because Wyoming LPN programs might be the perfect solution to their problems. This specialized professional course might open up many employment opportunities in the healthcare industry, by providing you with the required experience and skills.

13 percent of the total nurses in Wyoming are LPNs and 60 percent of them work in hospitals while the rest are employed in doctor’s offices, nursing homes and other health facilities. Wyoming LPNs undertake duties such as providing direct healthcare to patients, collecting lab samples, giving medicines, monitoring health equipment, dressing wounds, inserting catheters, treating bedsores, giving massages, compiling patient’s chart work, taking the pulse, blood and respiration rate as well as bathing and feeding the patient. LPNs are the primary caregivers in most nursing homes and hospitals since they interact directly with the patients.

The Wyoming State Board of Nursing approves and accredits all LPN training programs in the state. You can checkout all the institutions that are approved to offer the course from the website’s directory. To enroll for a state accredited LPN program, you must be 18 years old and possess a GED or high school diploma. A thorough background check to weed out individuals with a history of substance and alcohol abuse as well those with a criminal past is also carried prior to any enrollment. Apart from academic qualifications, the board recommends that individuals who want to become LPNS must be emotionally stable, caring and sympathetic and also possess excellent decision making and communication skills.

It will take you one year to complete the LPN program after undertaking clinical practice, classroom coursework and health-care visitations. Some of the courses covered by most Wyoming LPN programs include psychology, nutrition, drug administration, first aid, anatomy, general nursing concepts, patient care, physiology, mathematics, pediatrics and English. You can also register for online classes that provide flexible learning hours that fits any work schedule. Another advantage of Wyoming LPN programs is that that you can select your nursing specialty from the many available options such as psychiatry, obstetrics, pediatrics or surgery. After successfully completing the LPN training, you can apply for the NCLEX-PN exam through the Wyoming State Board of Nursing. After passing this exam, you can register as an LPN with the state and start looking for employment.

LPN Training Programs in Wyoming

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List of LPN Schools in Wyoming (WY)

Laramie County Community College

1400 E College Dr, Cheyenne, WY 82007
Phone: (800) 522-2993

Sheridan College

171 North Main Street, Sheridan, WY 82801
Phone: (307) 674-6446

Sheridan College Gillette Campus

300 West Sinclair Gillette, WY 82718
Phone: (307) 686-0254

Western Wyoming Community College

2500 College Drive, Rock Springs, WY 82901
Phone: (307) 875-4440

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