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When looking for advancing your education from LPN to RN many bridge programs are currently available. Some universities offer online courses, but most require class room attendance to ensure proper understating and completion of the curriculum. Full-time courses typically last one year, whereas part-time students are able to extend their education up to two years. Hybrid courses are also available typically for part-time individuals, who hold regular jobs and can only attend classes during the evening or weekend hours. Affiliation programs are also accessible and can be implemented to smooth the transition between LPN to RN.

Typical bridge program starts at an associate degree level. It is important to look for the course with an agenda which will be able to encompass your current skills with education goals you are aiming at. Typical courses will include further knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Additional classes will be focused on chemistry and microbiology. Upon completion you will be able to interpret diagnostic tests and basic laboratory reports. Professional nursing practice as well as communication skills and leadership development will also become part of the curriculum. As most bridge courses require completing clinical practice, you will be mandated to attend all required classes. When taking this type of course online, you may be obligated to complete the clinical component on your own.

LPN nurses show great interest in becoming RN professionals. About 60 percent of RNs in Colorado presently work in a hospital setting. The private sector is the least populated due to the lack of benefits. This industry offers a wide range of possibilities from research and education to residential nursing. The Colorado nursing force employs many aging individuals which projects great growth for demand of nursing positions. In order to accommodate the growing need, many Colorado educational facilities have adjusted their curriculum to attract more potential candidates. The federal loans and grant have been awarded to meet the need. The Colorado employers are also encouraged to cover the cost of education for individuals who are dedicated to the profession and would like to advance their skills.

Contacting the nursing associations in Colorado will give a better understating about the scholarships available today. Some institutions will accept any previous credits, whereas some will not. Private schools are more inclined to enroll students with previous experience, but will less likely be able to offer federal grant programs. Several schools in Colorado have now opened accredited child care centers to help mothers with nursing degrees to advance their education. The centers are available on campus and these institutions typically allow the transfer of credits to increase the enrollment of potential students.

The field of nursing requires commitment and extraordinary personal attributes. Extending your education to a higher level will elevate you self esteem and open a wide range of possibilities within the healthcare industry.

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Colorado LPN to RN Schools

Find LPN to RN online programs that offer flexible scheduling and variable completion dates. Browse our list of nursing schools in Colorado that offer CCNE accredited LPN to RN programs:

Mesa State College LPN to RN

1100 North Avenue
Grand Junction, CO 81501-3122
(970) 248-1020

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