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Most LPNs in Rhode Island enroll for LPN to RN programs because they open up a new range of nursing responsibilities. The programs also steer most nurses to the next level of their career as a registered nurse. To ensure that all the LPN to RN programs in Rhode are of high quality, all schools are accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission and licensed by the Rhode Island Board of Nursing and Professional Regulation. You should visit the nursing board and NLNAC websites for a list of all the vocational schools, universities and community colleges that are allowed to offer these programs.

Students in Rhode Island wishing to advance their career in nursing can either choose the associate degree or bachelor’s degree level. The student is expected to produce transcripts that show that they have completed their training as LPNs and a current license that proves they are qualified LPNS. They should also have a minimum of a high school diploma or a GED. Working LPNs are also expected to produce a recommendation letter from their present employer. Most schools in the state also require students to pass an entry exam prior to any admission to prove that they have basic knowledge in nursing.

An associate degree program in Rhode Island takes only two years to finish. It involves taking theoretical nursing courses, such as pharmacology, anatomy, psychology and physiology. There are also intense clinical and laboratory activities that help the LPN to transition into the registered nurse roles. The training also aims at adequately preparing the LPN to successfully tackle the RN licensing exam. After completing this program, the student is expected to take and pass the NCLEX-RN to get licensure from the state.

The bachelor’s degree level programs take four years to complete. These programs help students to acquire more nursing skills and advance their professional careers. The BSN curriculum covers theoretical coursework, lab and clinical experience. Some of the topics covered by most BSN programs in Rhode Island include statistics, anatomy, nutrition, pharmacology and physiology. Clinical experience covers geriatrics, psychiatry, surgical nursing and child and maternal health. After graduating with a BSN, a graduate can seek employment in hospitals, clinics, the health department, rehab centers, public schools, nursing homes, teaching hospitals and medical research firms and laboratories. A BSN opens up the door for the student to pursue any nursing specialty of their choice or to pursue other fields in medicine.

Students with busy working schedules or other commitments can enroll for online BSN or ADN programs in the state. Students are expected to fulfill the same requirements as mentioned above to join these online programs. Students take classes over the internet and visit health facilities in their locality for clinical experience. The student’s clinical work is supervised by the faculty members in the health facility and the progress reported to the course instructor. The student is expected to pass the NCLEX-RN after completing their training to gain licensure.

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