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The individuals who are looking into expanding their nursing education should consider entering education program leading to a degree as an RN. The range of professional opportunities and personal gratification widens greatly with performance of additional responsibilities and experience. Presently 5,000 registered nurses are employed within the Wyoming’s healthcare system. The aging population of the state creates increasing demand for qualified workers with RN degrees. Both hospital setting and private sector manifests the rising need for well trained and educated nurses.

The state of Wyoming presently concentrates on creating more educational programs for aspiring LPNs. Due to the low number of population, the nursing schools are not as readily available as in other states. There are only few institutions that offer any advancement opportunities for participating LPNs. However, in order to attract more applicants, several grant programs have been created. The fund of the Wyoming Investment in Nursing has been developed to aid financially deserving students. All community colleges with nursing programs in Wyoming now have an access to these funds. As the financial support is limited, strict guidelines are followed in order to award the finances to the most qualified participants. Limited scholarship programs are also offered. Students may also apply for the financial help from the institutions they are presently employed at. Large facilities, such as hospitals, are often inclined to provide at least partial payments for advanced education.

Because the educational facilities in Wyoming are so sparse, most schools offer hybrid programs in which the classroom component can be completed online via scheduled assignments or video participation. The clinical practice is offered at various hospital settings and long-term institutions. The schools typically offer help in finding the correct clinical programs to complete the imposed curriculum, but most students are encouraged to seek their own venues. Wyoming State Board of Nursing offers helpful information on all programs presently available.

In order to attend any of the nursing bridge programs in Wyoming skill testing is required. Online courses are available to LPNs who possess at least one year of clinical experience to ensure proper completion of the transitional program. Additional requirements may be imposed and they vary by individual nursing colleges. Up to 15 credits can be transferred, but they may not be accepted by all facilities.

It is important to understand, that the state of Wyoming is diligently working on creating more transitional LPN to RN programs and more opportunities will arise in near future. If time is of essence, some of the students choose to complete their education out of state and return to Wyoming for permanent employment.

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There are currently no schools in Wyoming that offer CCNE accredited LPN to RN programs. To complete a Bachelor’s degree-awarding LPN to RN transition program in Wyoming you can request further information about online program offerings from the following accredited online universities:

Indiana State University

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