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LPNs in New Mexico carry out essential duties that are geared towards providing patient care. They assist the nurses and doctors in many health care locations to administer medicine, monitor patient’s vital signs, dress wounds, book appointments and interact directly with patients. However, most LPNs in New Mexico would like to advance to the next level by becoming registered nurses.

The LPN to RN Programs in New Mexico that are available in vocational schools, universities and colleges are an attractive option that can enable LPNs to achieve this dream. There are two ways through which LPNs in New Mexico can become RN—by pursuing a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree in nursing. All schools offering these programs must be licensed by the New Mexico Board of Nursing. The board website lists all the schools that are licensed and accredited to offer LPN to RN Programs in the state.

The minimum requirement to enroll for these courses in New Mexico is a high school diploma or a GED. The student must be a licensed LPN, having graduated from a reputable school. The two year associate degree in nursing is one of the fastest ways of becoming an RN in New Mexico. Before a student can enroll for the ADN program in New Mexico, they are expected to undertake ten prerequisite courses spread over two semesters. Students take a course in chemistry, biology, psychology, chemistry and English during each semester. Only students who score a minimum average of a C in the ten units are allowed to apply for a nursing program. It is advisable to score outstanding grades in these ten courses since it will increase your chances of being selected.

The ADN program covers various courses ranging from microbiology, physiology, psychology, communication and math. The program mainly covers nursing courses and clinical practice that will help the student to handle the duties of a registered nurse. Before taking the RN licensure exam, students must furnish the New Mexico Board of Nursing with documents that prove that they have completed an RN program that is approved by the state. The state board carries out a criminal background check to weed out any candidate with a criminal history. The board does not allow anyone with a criminal record to get a license to practice as an RN in the state. If the board ascertains that the student is eligible to undertake the NCLEX-RN, they can register and pay the necessary fee. This is the last step towards acquiring a license that allows the RN to work in the state. After this, the ADN graduate can seek for employment in hospitals, nursing homes and clinics.

A BSN in New Mexico creates more opportunities and specialization for the LPNs. It takes four years to complete. The first two years have a similar coursework like that one of the ADN program. The remaining two years covers specialized courses, such as child care, nursing research, advanced nursing, pathophysiology and caring for communities, older adults and populations. The New Mexico BSN program fully prepares the student to take the NCLEX-RN and take leadership roles in the health care industry.

Most schools in New Mexico also have online LPN to RN Programs. These ones enable busy students to take online classes whenever they are free. The students also gain clinical experience by visiting health care facilities within their locality. Their progress is supervised by hospital heads and a report sent to their course instructor. New Mexico provides LPNs with a rare opportunity to grow in their nursing career through the LPN to RN Programs.

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